Day 18 | Remembering What He Has Promised–Covenantal Love

day 18

“To understand covenant is … to discover a promise that has been there all the time, hidden in vague shadows and blurred by the veil of my ignorance.  To understand the intimacy and intricate details of God’s plan and purpose.  To know that because of His covenant of grace I can be assured that I will always be beloved of God. It frees us to bask in His love and to move through every circumstance of life in the security of His promises.”

                                                                                                            – Kay Arthur

The great missionary to China, Hudson Taylor, understood covenant; when down to his last 27 cents, he confidently said, “Twenty-seven cents plus all the promises of God!”  And God did provide for him and his ministry, which is still thriving after three generations.

Horatio Gates Spafford understood covenant when he penned the beautiful hymn  “It Is Well With My Soul” just after he received the word that he had lost four of his children to a storm at sea.

My friend Maxie Dunnam understood covenant when he said goodbye to a dear friend, sick with terminal cancer.  As Maxie left the room, both knew that they would not see each other again on this earth.  His very weak friend raised his hand in farewell and said, “Until tomorrow!”

Understanding covenant gives us extra joy in the good times and extra strength and peace in the bad times.  Understanding covenant means that we are never afraid that God will leave us or forsake us.  He can’t and He won’t.

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