Day 11 | Remembering Who He Is – Wonderful Counselor

day 11Have you ever been to see a counselor?  Maybe it was a professional therapist.  Maybe it was a kind pastor, or wise friend.  I certainly have had times in my life when I needed a counselor—during times of grief when I needed someone to share the load with me.

One of my closest friends is a counselor.  Poor thing.  She counsels me so many times and doesn’t make a penny.  I owe her much.

We all need a counselor at times in our lives.  I always encourage friends to seek help and encouragement as needed.  But the best counselor of all is Jesus.  That is one of His names–Wonderful Counselor.  That is who He is–our best, wisest friend,  the only One who can see the beginning to end of our life experiences.

We all need a counselor at times in our lives.

If we diligently seek the Wonderful Counselor our load will be lighter, our troubles milder.  But we must seek Him.  We must ask for His wise counsel.

I challenge you (and myself) to pick a day in the next month to devote to the Wonderful Counselor.  On this day, spend time exclusively with Him, whatever that looks like to you.  Don’t answer the phone if you can avoid it.  Read your Bible, listen to worship music, write a letter to God, pray out loud, take a walk, and sit in the backyard.  Wow!  Doesn’t that sound great?

I bet God will whisper to you that day.

I bet you will learn something you didn’t know, feel something you haven’t felt in a while.

I bet you will be at peace.

I bet you will be more focused and better prepared to keep the right perspective and stay on the right road when the race begins again.


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