Day 12 | Remembering Who He Is—The Almighty

day 12We have already remembered that our God is Mighty, but He is also The Almighty.  What is the difference?  Mighty means having great power, skill, strength, or force.  Almighty means having absolute power.

El Shaddai is one of the names of God.  It can be translated God Almighty and it means “God of the Mountains”.  So when we refer to God as Almighty, we are saying He has absolute power and He is God of the mountains.


Read the following verses from Psalm 121 aloud if you can.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from?  My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.  He will not let your foot slip—he who watches over you will not slumber…

In this passage the translations of the words include Almighty, God of the mountains.  This is called a song of ascents.

Ascent means to go higher.  It was a song the believers sang when they were on a pilgrimage.

We are on a pilgrimage, aren’t we?

We are on a spiritual journey, longing to get closer and closer to God, because deep down we know He longs to get closer and closer to us.

We can run to this “God of the Mountains” and are safe.


When we think of mountains, we think of a beautiful, high, safe place.  Sometimes the journey up the mountain is tough, but it is worth the climb.


On the Mount of Transfiguration, Peter, James, and John saw Jesus as Almighty God, and they wanted to dwell there.

When we see the name, Almighty, in scripture, it is as if God is shouting to us, “Come on up here!  The view is great!  You will see clearly up here!  And the best part is you can live up here!  You can DWELL here!”

The Name Almighty is found in the scriptures 48 times.  What is really interesting is that 31 of those times are in the book of Job.  You know the book of Job.  The painful one.  The one filled with grief and despair and tragedy.  The one that we all want to cry out, “Really, God? You’ve got to be kidding me!  I mean, Job was a godly man.  He was one of Your favorites.  Really?!”

And yet, it is that book that the ALMIGHTY, the great God of the mountains is revealed most of all.  He is ALMIGHTY.  And if you are going through grief, or illness, or tragedy he cries, “Come up here with Me.  It is safe up here.  You can dwell here. “

I lift up my eyes to the hills—where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

He will not let your foot slip—he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. 

The Lord watches over you—the Lord is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day,
 nor the moon by night. 

The Lord will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

                                                                                                Psalm 121

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