Day 23 | Remember What He Has Promised–He Will Supply Our Needs

day 23When my friend, Kelli and I were missionaries in Costa Rica, our primary mission was to teach English in a Costa Rican school; but our true mission turned out to be our work on Saturdays in Los Guidos.  There we would simply show up with a Bible lesson and a craft, and go from door to door inviting the children to join us.  We met under a large tree in the center of the camp.


The homes there consisted of pieces of wood or tin thrown together to make dirt floor shacks.  The children were very poor, and often hungry and dirty.  One day in particular, God revealed His grace, and mercy, and power in an awesome way.  We had been going every Saturday for a couple of months and we had never had over 15 children.  As we packed the bag of supplies, I carefully counted out enough supplies for 20 craft projects, just in case we had a couple of extra children.


To our surprise, as we began the lesson with singing and a Bible story, the children kept coming.  I began to feel very nervous about the craft projects, knowing that was the biggest reason they were coming, since this was a luxury that was uncommon to those children.  As soon as I would finish counting, more children would come.  I began to pray furiously, as our translator finished up the story.  At last count, I realized that there were 40 children gathered around the big tree, listening to a story of God’s faithfulness.


I didn’t know what else to do, except begin to pass out the supplies.  I reached into the bag to gather supplies, Kelli reached into the bag to gather supplies, and Ivonnia, our translator, reached into the bag to gather supplies.  We kept going back to the bag for more supplies over and over until every child had made a craft project.


After the children left, I looked into the bag once again…there were still supplies in the bag.  I had packed the bag myself.  I knew exactly what was in the bag.  I wept when I realized in my heart, not just in my head, that our Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  The same Lord, who blessed and multiplied the fish and the loaves, multiplied our supplies that day.  And though those 40 children will never know of the miracle that day, I will never forget.


And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

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  1. Brenda Childs

    Oh Sara, I have been worried about a family problem ….. after reading this miracle that happened in Costa Rica, I feel like God will take care of the problem in fact I KNOW HE WILL. Thank you.


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