Day 29 | Remembering What He Has Instructed–Believe

day 29Several years ago, my niece, Elizabeth, went to see the Easter program at 1st Evangelical Church in Tupelo, Mississippi.  For years they put on an incredibly anointed drama of the story of Jesus.  One climactic part is a scene in which Jesus, sitting on his throne of glory is holding a large book, and as he sees the joyful ones entering into the glorious heavenly realm, he marks off their name in the book.


That night, when my brother was putting Elizabeth to bed, she asked, “Daddy, what was that big book that Jesus was holding at the end of the play?”


“Why, Honey that was the Book of Life.  Jesus writes the name of all of his followers, everyone who knows him and is going to heaven, in the Book of Life.”


Elizabeth thought for a moment, and then looked up at her dad, and said, “I want my name in that book, Daddy.”


And they both kneeled down beside her bed, and took care of it then and there.


Do you remember when you first believed?  Do you still believe?

Do you need to pray like the man in the Bible who said, “I do believe; help me with my unbelief.”

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