Day 31 | Remembering What He Has Instructed–Obey

day 31It was bath time, a favorite time of day for Sally.  She loves to splash and play in the warm water.  She “swims,” plays with foam letters, sings, and talks to herself.  Today she was having a particularly fun time.  She turned one of the foam letters into a doll, which she promptly put in time-out.  I think it was the Letter H.  Poor guy.  Unjustly accused.


I kept asking her if she was ready to get out, which is another way of saying, “It’s time to wash your hair.”   She usually doesn’t mind this too much as she likes our little “Head Back, Eyes Closed” chant that we say over and over until all the soap is out.


But today, she didn’t want her hair washed.  And she needed her hair washed.  So she squirmed and wiggled and made it very difficult to lather up her beautiful black hair.  Of course, “Head Back, Eyes Closed” doesn’t help much when you are squirming.  Soap will still get in your eyes.  So I kept prompting her to be still so I could finish the task.  Just about the time I was ready to put her in time-out with Letter H, she stopped squirming, put her head back with eyes closed.  I poured the water from a large cup and watched the soap run down her back far away from sting-able eyes.  And then she quietly said the following, “Your welcome, Mom.”  Yes, at 2 ½, she sometimes calls me mom.  Especially when she is being a bit sassy.


At first, I thought it was cute.  “Oh, what good manners, “ I almost let pass through my lips.  Until I thought about it.  Wait a minute.  She thinks she is doing me a favor?  What I was asking would only help her avoid a little pain.


And then it hit me.  I do that to my Father.  I wiggle and squirm when obedience to Him might not appeal to me at the time.  And when I do obey, deep down do I think I am doing some great favor for Him?  What He asks of me would only help me avoid a little (or a lot) of pain.  Do I expect Him to thank me for obedience, when I should thank Him for His gentle, consistent work in my life?


We finished with bath time and we got to my favorite part.  I wrapped her in a big, fluffy towel and held her tight.  I love this sweet, sassy girl who teaches me so much every day.


And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands.

                                                                                                            2 John 1:6

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