Day 34 | Remember What He Has Done–He Said Yes

day 34Driving down the road, I kept hearing the same muffled noise over and over.  Sally had my cell phone and was replaying her favorite video clip.  It was a video of her and her brother Joshua.


“Sally, what does Mama say?”  Joshua asked over and over.

Her response was always the same, “Honey, no!”

With each question her answer was more exaggerated.  This little Asian has mastered the art of a Southern accent.

“Hooonnneyyy, nooooo!” she said, with her Asian eyes disappearing into tiny slits, as her facial expressions supposedly mimicked mine.


I had to laugh.  It’s so funny that out of all the things I tell her each day that is what she remembers.  Every day, countless times throughout the day I tell her I love her.  I tell her she is beautiful.  I tell her she is my angel and she is precious to me.  I know she hears those things, as well, but the first thing she remembers is “Hoooonnnneyyyy, noooooo!”


Many Christians view God the Father in the same way.  We think of the all the no’s He says.  We focus on the don’ts instead of the do’s.  And yes, He often has to tell us, “Honey, no.”  But, just as I say no to Sally because I love her and want her to be the best she can be, so God the Father tells us no because He sees the end from the beginning.  Father knows best.


But today, I want to focus on all the many ways He says yes to us.  In fact, I bet His yes’s far outweigh His no’s.


He says yes to accepting us as we are, while gently leading us to higher ground.

He says yes to forgiving our sins over and over and over again.

He says yes to countless blessings, though He knows we may not even notice them.

He says yes to redeeming our worst to make it our best.

He says yes to making us, the bound up slaves, into His treasured sons and daughters.

He says yes to all the promises in His Word offered to an undeserving people.


He said yes to sacrificing His one and only Son.

He said yes to watching Him suffer and die in agony.

He said yes to His Sacrificial Lamb being the payment for our sins.

He said yes, so does it not make sense for us to say yes to Him?

Will you say yes today?




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