Day 37 | Remember What He Has Done–He Forgave

day 37On the day of the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, three women rose early.  They had a mission to do.  Law would not let them fulfill their mission until dawn.  They set out just as the sun began to rise in the east.  They took spices to anoint the bruised body of the one they adored.

Who were the women? What were their pasts? How were they redeemed?

Why were they the faithful ones chosen to be the first to see and the first to know?

Was it that God trusted that they would believe?  Can He trust me to believe?  Can He trust you to believe?

What did they see?

They saw an angel in a white robe. The angel said what angels always say: “Don’t be afraid.”  And then, as usual, the angel issued a call to respond, a command.


Go and tell.

And so it is with us.  We must overcome fear.  We must go.  We must tell. Who we tell depends on what He tells us to do.  But we all must go.  We all must tell.

Who were these particular women supposed to tell?  The disciples … and Peter.

Peter.  Poor, poor Peter.  Peter was still deeply wounded from the greatest failure of his life.  I’m sure the memory of the sound of the cock’s crow haunted him over and over in the waking hours and filled his mind with troubled dreams at night.  And yet the angel said:  Tell the disciples and Peter.

I envision the scene like this:  The women, amazed and overwhelmed, rush into the room where the disciples are hiding and grieving together.  They are talking all at once, laughing and crying, creating such a commotion that all are confused.  Peter, still filled with grief and shame, stands detached in the corner.  When he hears “He’s not there!  He has risen!” he rushes forward to hear more clearly.  But then, he hears something else—that same cock’s crow haunting his mind and spirit once again.  He turns, head down, back to the corner, thinking to himself, “Even if it is true, He wouldn’t want to see me.”  Shame and guilt and regret threaten to break his heart once again.

One of the other disciples finally halts the commotion of women laughing and crying, and men begin shouting at once the questions they all have.   And when at last there is a pause, he says, “Slow down.  Tell us slowly.  Tell us exactly what he said.”

One of the women rises to the position of spokesperson and says,  “There was a man in a white robe.  He said, ‘Tell the disciples and Peter….”

At the sound of his name, the cock’s crow became silent.  “He called me by name!  He wants me to know that He has risen.  Then he must forgive me.  He is alive!”  And with that we see the first recorded occurrence of the power of the resurrection.  He lives.  And He forgives.

And what was Peter’s reaction?  He took off running toward the Savior.  He searched for Him with all his heart.  And it was upon this forgiven rock that Jesus built his church.

The revival in Peter’s heart had begun.  And it would ignite revival throughout the world.  We need another revival, don’t we?

Do you hear him call your name? Listen carefully.  He is calling you.  And your name, whispered through His holy lips, will silent those horrible thoughts of sin, shame, and insecurity.  Let this truth bring revival to your own heart. Then go and tell.

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