Gathering Stones | A Lenten Series

gathering stonesLent is the season of remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus. Many Christians respond by giving up something they really enjoy, so that this small sacrifice will make them more mindful of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus. Several years ago, I decided I would not just give something up, but I would also take something up. I posted a short devotional each day of Lent to encourage myself, and any one who wanted to join me, to give greater attention to the meaning of Easter. This year I will re-post my Lenten Devotional, Gathering Stones, in hopes that we can encourage each other to prepare our hearts for Easter.  Lent starts today, February 14!  I would love to hear from you about what you are learning during these next 40 days!

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  1. Marsha. Williams

    My dear Sara,

    I am so blessed to know you and call you my Christian sister in Christ! I e love to join you during this Lenton season in remembering the meaning of Easter. Sara, I divorced 4 years ago after 18 years and have had so much regret. I am so lonely, yet ever mindful God is working on me! I have learned to be married to Jesus!! I love singing on the praise team, being in small group and serving others. I also love writing and hope to help others through what I’ve learned. Please pray for me as I contiinue to find my calling and purpose.

    in His service,

    Marsha Wilaliams


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