30 Days of Prayer: Fear and Faith

Day 24: Fear and Faith

Lord, help these children to know that You will never leave them, nor forsake them.  When they are afraid, may they trust in You.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.                 Deuteronomy 31:6; Psalm 56:3

One thing we try to explain to our children is that everyone will let them down sometimes.  As parents, we will fail our children occasionally.  We won’t mean to, but it will happen.  A broken promise, a bad reaction, a emotional need unmet and unnoticed.  Even the best, most diligent parents will drop the ball at some point.  Therefore, it is very important to point our children from the earliest age to the One who will not let them down.  Point them to the Perfect Parent, who will never leave them nor forsake them.

How do we counsel them through their fears?  The best way I know is to teach them key scripture verses related to fear.  The Bible is full of them.  And the common theme?  “Do not be afraid.”  Rumor has it that there are 365 references in the Bible with this message—one for every day of the year.

We have helped our children memorize these verses and have instructed them in the power of confessing this truth aloud.  I have to do this myself sometimes.  So, if you see me on the road, seeming to talk to myself, don’t worry.  I may just be reciting the truth that I know but sometimes forget!


30 Days of Prayer: Favor with God and Man

Day 23: Favor with God and Man

Lord, may these children grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus, both now and throughout their lives. May they grow in wisdom and in stature and in favor with You and with man. II Peter 3:18; Luke 2:52          In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

I first found these verses to pray when my niece, Wesley, was born.  She was the first baby of the family and we all were overwhelmed with love.  I left soon after she was born to go do mission work in Costa Rica.  In the months that I lived in Costa Rica, I missed my family so very much, especially my new niece Wesley.  However, I knew enough about prayer to know that redeeming the time away through prayer was the most positive thing I could do when I missed them.  So, every day as I rode the public bus to work, I prayed these prayers for Wesley.   Now, 31 years later, I see how God abundantly answered my prayers for her, as well as the prayers of her parents.  She is a beautiful, godly woman, who has indeed grown in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

One point about these verses is the word “grow”.  To grow means to develop, to progress, to cultivate.  It means to “to become larger or greater over a period of time.”  We need to realize that when we pray this prayer for our children, we are reaching into the future on their behalf.  We won’t see it all at once, but over time we will realize the fruit of growth and maturity in their relationship with Christ.

It was said of Jesus, as well as of the prophet Samuel when he was a boy, that he grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.  That is what I want for my kids, too.  This prayer is the perfect combination.  Favor with man alone is shallow.  It can become a popularity contest.  Favor with God and man means influence in godliness. It means friendships which glorify God, not those which rebel against him.

30 Days of Prayer: Faith

Day 22: Faith

Lord, may these children trust You with all their hearts, leaning not on their own understanding.  In all their ways, may they acknowledge You, and You will make their paths straight.         Proverbs 3:5-6          In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Trusting without understanding … that is a hard one.  Yet, that is faith–the assurance of what we hope for and the evidence of what is unseen.  And that is what we want for our children and for ourselves.

Truly, I think it is easier for children to have faith.  They do, after all, come to us as tiny babies, unable to do anything without the help of a parent.  As toddlers, it never occurs to them that we wouldn’t come when they cry or help them when they need it.  At least that is true when they know they are loved.  No wonder we are told that we should have faith like a little child.  Let us return to that child-like faith, and may our example lead our children to never let go of theirs.




30 Days of Prayer: Grace and Righteousness

Day 21: Grace and Righteousness

Lord, may these children know that even a child is known by his actions, and therefore, may their actions reflect integrity. May they not be looked down upon because they are young, but rather may be examples to those around them.      Proverbs 20:11; I Timothy 4:12                          In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

We want to teach our children at an early age the value of a good reputation.  This can be a tricky endeavor, because if we are not careful, we may find ourselves on the slippery slope of being a people pleaser.

We also don’t want to instill in our children that they can earn salvation with their good behavior.  We want our children to understand GRACE—God’s Richest At Christ’s Expense.  We want them to know that they don’t deserve it, they can’t earn it, Jesus bought it for them, and it if FREE!

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—

                                                                                    Ephesians 2:8

What we do want our kids to understand is that good behavior is a response to the goodness of God.  Good behavior, and a good reputation, will reward them.  We want them to be lead in what is true, and good, and right.  We want them to choose what is right because it is right.  We want them to be righteous and we know that true righteousness only comes through the work of God in their lives.

Most importantly, we want to be a voice of truth in their lives.  We want our lives to be an example for them.  So, I guess we better pray this prayer for ourselves, too. (Okay, well maybe not the “young” part!)

30 Days of Prayer: Earliest Age Possible

Day 20: Earliest Age Possible

Lord, may each of these children come to know You as their Lord and Savior at the earliest age possible.  May they each be taught of the Lord, so that their peace would be great.          Isaiah 54:13               

 In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

We have prayed for the salvation of our children starting when they were in the womb, or at least since we first saw a picture of our adopted children.  We have always prayed that they would come to know the Lord at the earliest age possible. We want them to have very short testimonies!  Rather than speaking of all the time of being “lost”, we would love for them to speak of coming to Him at a young age.  Of course, everyone goes through difficult times which draw them closer to The Father, but how beautiful to run into people who are able to say, “though I’ve been through hard times which have strengthened my faith, I don’t really remember a time that I didn’t love the Lord.”  Though we trust in the Lord to bring about His perfect plans in their lives, we do hope and pray that our children feel that way.

 “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”

Acts 4:12


 “This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.”



Often, parents question whether their child’s salvation is “real”.  I personally believe that if we are praying fervently for our children to come to know the Lord at the earliest age possible, then why should we be surprised when they do?  When children come at an early age into relationship with Jesus, they may have times of renewal when they get older. In my particular story, I became a Christian when I was a little girl, when I knelt beside my bed and prayed with my Daddy.  And I believe that God saved me at that point.  However, when I was a teenager, I finally understood Lordship.  I went with my home church to a retreat when I was 13 years old.  At that retreat, I finally understood that Jesus want to be both Savior of our souls, and Lord of our lives.  There is a difference.  Having a Lord over every aspect of our lives involves a surrendering of our self-reliance and control. Many times, God shows me another area of my life that I have not surrendered to His Lordship.  He shows me through His Word, through prayer, and through other people.  At that point, I confess and pray and turn around. Neither you nor your child will ever experience all the wonderful things that God has for you, if you have never really met Him in a personal way.  There must be an acknowledgment of sin and of a need for a Savior.  I believe that our life in Christ is a journey; a wonderful, amazing, journey, which lasts our entire lives.  However, we simply cannot experience the journey, if we have not come to personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  This journey begins upon salvation, and is fueled by making our personal relationship with God the highest priority.  Just as in any relationship, there will be highs and lows.  An important time in my spiritual walk came when I realized that just because that “good feeling” went away, didn’t mean Jesus went away.  You may need to explain this to your child.  In Joshua 1:5, God says: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”


I have been a Christian for over 40 years, and I have always found that verse to be true.