Meet Sara

Sara W. Berry has been teaching, be it in a classroom, home, or church setting, for over 30 years. This experience began at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, as well as numerous education and leadership awards.

Her varied work experience includes teaching elementary students in Memphis and Nashville, TN, Jackson, MS, Costa Rica and Ecuador. She was director of a tutorial program for inner city children in Jackson, MS as well as program director for an inner city humanitarian service in Memphis, TN. She also served as Children’s Director for her church in Tupelo, MS.

And she is an award-winning author of 15 books and curriculum projects.

She is married to Dr. Mont Berry and her teaching experience continues each day as she savors life with her seven children and 3 children-in-law: Katie and Owen, Ellie and Drew, Joseph, Troy and Rorie, Joshua, Sally, and Charlie.  And she is most excited to soon become a grandmother for the first time!

Sara has an intense love for discipleship. She desires to teach, through her writing, the truth of God’s Word, knowing that the Word does not return void. She is a member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association as well as the American Christian Fiction Writers membership.

Sara has an equal passion for missions. She has taken seriously the mandate of the Great Commission. She lived in San Jose, Costa Rica as a missionary teacher in the late 1980’s. After her marriage to Mont, they both lived in Shell Mera, Ecuador, he working at a jungle hospital, she teaching at the Nate Saint Memorial School. Most recently, the entire Berry family has spent time in mission service in Trujillo, Peru. Sara also has made several trips to China teaching and serving, as well as adopting her last two children.  Several of Sara’s programs have been translated into Spanish and Chinese.

A Word From Sara

As I drove down the highway, tears poured down my face, as I sang at the top of my lungs with the song coming from my car radio.

Who am I, Jesus, that You should call me by name?

The sentiment of that chorus pierced my soul in an overwhelming way. Who am I? No one of significance. No one of power. No one of importance.

I am a mom who drives a sticky SUV to and from the car lines of 3 different schools. I sometimes forget appointments and occasionally, the lunch money. My kids are not perfect, although close to it in the eyes of their mom. Occasionally I am on time, but not very often.

I’m not very good at telling jokes, but I love to laugh at those who do. I’m not tall or glamorous or even very graceful.

I have not been to seminary, although I have studied under some of the most anointed, well-educated people around.

I need to tell you the truth about myself. I’m just ordinary.

My only “claim to fame” is that I am beloved of the Creator of the Universe.  You are, too, whether you know it or not.  I have been called by name.  I am a lover of God’s Word and have diligently studied it, meditated on it, and tried to memorize it for over 30 years. Most of all, I believe that I have been “taught of God”, as the scriptures promise for all His children who seek Him with all of their hearts.  And I have been counseled by the Holy Spirit, which is also the inheritance of every believer, but I am 100% ordinary.  Join me, an ordinary person, as I seek relationship with my extraordinary God.