30 Days of Prayer: A Personal Faith

Day 2: A Personal Faith

 (When you see “these children”, insert the names of the children for whom you are praying.)

Lord, may these children taste and see that You are good. May they experience Your love, which endures forever. Psalm 34:8; Psalm 100:5

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

My mother used to say, “God doesn’t have grandchildren, just children.”  What she meant by that was that I couldn’t just ride the coattails of her faith.  I must have my own experiences, my own relationship with Jesus.  I had to taste it for myself, not just be satisfied with her experience.  May our children come to know Him and see His goodness for themselves.  And may our example lead the way… just like my mom did.

I encourage you to look up the references in these prayers in your own Bible.  I like to mark them with a pen and date them when the Lord speaks to me through them.  When my grandmother died, I inherited her Bible.  It is precious to me.  The most special thing about her Bible is that she, too, marked and dated verses as God revealed something special to her.  Her faith, and the faith of my parents, is the godly inheritance that I want to pass on to my children.  There is nothing more important.  So, I pray for them to experience Christ as a child of God, that they may have their own, unique relationship with Him.

Grow in the Lord today, so that your children will see the importance of faith for themselves.


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