A Book Review

A few weeks back I read a wonderful book I want to tell you about.

Jennifer Phillips wrote her amazing story in Bringing Lucy Home.  The synopsis is this:

An orphan, abandoned and alone. A family, comfortable and secure. A shaky step of faith. An unprecedented complication. A heartbreaking separation. An unyielding quest. A love story that is every Christian’s story. Bringing Lucy Home shares the compelling drama of one family’s relentless pursuit to bring hope into the life of an orphaned baby girl.

I would have enjoyed this book even if it wasn’t the well-written, engaging, draws-you-in-and-holds-you-to-the-end type book, simply because of my own stories of adoption.  But the fact that it IS the well-written, engaging, draws-you-in-and-holds-you-to-the-end type book is why I feel good about telling my friends about it.  You see, Jennifer’s story is not just an adoption story.  It is a story of God’s faithfulness even when prayers are not answered in quick, easy storylines wrapped up neatly with a bow.  God’s faithfulness is even more evident when the answers to our prayers are no or wait.  But we must walk by faith not by sight in order to know that.  If you are into adoption, you will love this book.  If you don’t know much about adoption, you will still love this book.  Because it is a book that encourages you to step out in faith and in calling even if it is hard—even if you have to wait awhile for the rescue to come.  It is about trusting God.  Here is a link in case you want to check it out:


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