A Cord of Three Strands

A Cord of Three Strands
A Cord of Three Strands, A Story of God’s Woven Grace — the true story of three women struggling, searching, and finding God’s redemption and grace despite obstacles and heart-wrenching choices.

First Strand: Peggy, a middle aged woman, devoted to God and to her husband, Mitch. Peggy has lived with the heavy burden of longing for 18 long years. Her longing? To be a mother. Infertility time after time has interrupted her hopes and dreams, and at times caused her to question her faith in her loving God.

Second Strand: Tricia, a young, rebellious teenager who has lost her “first love,” Jesus. She has stepped away temporarily from her deep faith in Christ, and finds that even temporary disobedience has great consequences.

Third Strand: Hilarie, the baby girl who brings both love and light to all. Through Hilarie, God is writing His redemptive story for the world to see. And the effects of this story, and Hilarie’s love, will change lives, heal wounds, and bind together the three strands in perfect unity.

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