He Got Me

We had a long, rough night last night.  I blame myself.  I shouldn’t have bragged about how good of a sleeper Sally is.  Well, she wasn’t last night.  I got in bed late to begin with.  It was pushing 1a.m. when I turned out the light.  Around 4a.m. she began to stir.

At first, it was that quiet, sporadic stir—a slight moan every once in a while, just enough to keep me awake waiting to see if it turned into a real cry–which it did.  I got up to check on her, covered her back up, and hoped for the best.  I got up four more times in the next hour, pats, hugs, water, more covers … and every time I realized that the alarm would soon ring, signaling the first day back to school, which is always tough, even with a good night’s sleep.

Finally, I poked and pleaded enough for Mont to take a turn.  He promptly got her out of bed and put her in the middle of the two of us.  She was, of course, delighted.  She rubbed my face, kissed my cheek, arranged her (formerly my) pillow, and finally settled down.

After a bit of silence, she said,  “Mama?”

“Yes, Sally?” I replied.

“Daddy got me,” she said.

“Yes, he did, Sally.  I love you.”

“I love you, Mama.”

With that, she lay down and went fast asleep.

hands2Of course, I was up for the day–but with a smile on my face.  I lay there and thought about what she said, “Daddy got me.”  Yes, he did.  He not only got up and got her from her bed this morning he also got up and got her from her sad circumstances almost a year ago.  You see, I was the daydreamer about adoption.  I was the one who talked about it, probably prayed more about it.  But Mont was the final word.  Mont was the one who had to figure out how to pay for it.  Mont was the one to say we could handle the tumor on the back of her neck, no matter what it turned out to be.  Mont got her, or at least led the way for us all to get her.

And as I lay there, I began to think of the correlation with our Heavenly Father.  He came and got us.  When we were stuck in sin and death, He put on flesh, entered our world and got us.  He chose us.  Will we now choose our chosen-ness? Will we remember how lost we were before He came to get us?

I plan to go about my day, keeping this truth in mind, keeping a smile on my face, even if I am tired–because He got me.

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