Lettuce, Sin & God’s Forgiveness

lettuce-picWe were in Peru visiting our missionary friends, Bill and Allen Bradford. If you are a seasoned traveler, you know that one of the highest rules of travel is: Don’t eat the lettuce. Ever. We were in Lima at a nice restaurant and Allen, then Bill, ordered a salad. They never eat salad, even in their home, so I was a bit surprised. Given my excessive fear of stomach discomfort, I wouldn’t have touched a salad in Peru with a ten-foot pole!
As they both were halfway through their salads, Bill said, “Allen, now remind me why we think it is okay to eat salad here?” Allen smiled and replied, “Because I wanted one!” Bill’s fork stopped in mid-air. He had a faraway look on his face. We started laughing and asked, “What are you thinking?” He said, “I am wondering if I can make it back home on the nine-hour bus ride before the sickness hits!”

I feel a bit bad about using this as an illustration, since Allen and Bill are about the most godly people I know, but knowing they will forgive me, I want to think about this just a moment. Is that not just the way we handle sin sometimes? We know if could hurt us. We try to convince ourselves that it never would (I’m sure this is okay. It is only this once. Certainly not wrong like the things that she or he did.”) Then we have to suffer the consequences because the truth is, we just wanted to.

We must guard ourselves on our spiritual journey, and we must beware of the strategies of the evil one. Boundary lines should be clearly marked. We should flee in the opposite direction when we realize that we are being tempted. Wisdom is conscious of location and direction at all times. Consistent observation of where you are will protect you from going in the wrong direction.

After Adam and Eve sinned, the Lord sought them out and said, “Where are you?” Of course He knew where they were, but they needed to be aware of where they had ended up.

The Lord Himself made clothes for them to cover their shame. This was foreshadowing of the ultimate covering that would come…the covering of the Blood of Jesus.

And so I must ask: Where are you? Stop to think about it for a moment. Do you even know? God does. If you are not sure, ask Him. He may reveal some things that you didn’t realize about yourself. But with that realization, He will also offer you the perfect, holy covering.

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