Thanks for ALL Your Support!

The launch of Tap Code has been extraordinary. Smitty and Louise have traveled the country, had many interviews in radio and television, and visited many Air Force Bases. I am thrilled that the world is getting to know this amazing couple!

We have hit #1 spots in several categories on Amazon, landed a spot on Apples Top 10 Books People Are Talking About, and have had the support of local friends, family, and even strangers. I am so happy to hear that others are being inspired and touched by Smitty and Louise’s story! If you could do us a huge favor and write a review on Amazon, Books A Million, Barnes and Nobel, Goodreads, Target, Walmart, or any online store which carries our book, it would be greatly appreciated!

But today, I wanted to give a shout out to our local supporters! Reed’s bookstore has supported us with a huge turnout for our book signing last weekend!

Next week, we will be in Oxford for a book signing at SquareBooks on Tuesday at 5:30. All you Ole Miss fans please come out and meet Smitty and Louise! They are true American heroes! You can order the book online and in the store.

We SO appreciate these independent bookstores! They provide an atmosphere of community and expertise, which is so missing in today’s world! Please take a look at both of their websites and order a signed copy today! #shoplocal

I will try to keep you posted about other opportunities to meet Smitty and Louise! They will bless you so much!

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