Throughly Equipped: Study Notes Through the Bible

Hello, Friends! It is almost a new year, praise the Lord! After two years of uncertainty, fear, and grief, I think we all are rooting for a break from the onslaught of difficulties. But, the truth is, we have no idea what this year holds. It could get better or it could be more of the same. I am convinced that our only hope, our only firm foundation is a relationship with Jesus. He is our rock and our fortress. And so, it makes sense to me that we should glance at the news and gaze at the Savior. We should look up more than we look around us. We should meditate on what it true, good, right–the truth that never changes no matter what is happening in our lives. And this truth is found in the Word of God. About four years ago, I issued a challenge to my friends to read the Bible through. Will you join me again? Read below to find out details!

This is what I wrote in late December of 2016:

I have found myself in several conversations lately.  Good conversations.  Godly conversations.  The conversations stemmed around what we were learning from the latest Christian books.  Good stuff, good inspirations, good ideas, good conversations.  We were uplifted.  We were inspired.  We were ready to become just like the authors of these books.  I noticed that my friends and I wanted to talk like the authors, dress like the authors, do what the authors did to change the world.  But then I realized, the conversations stemmed around the disciples of the One who matters, not about the One who matters.  The inspiration stemmed from books written by the disciples of the Living God, not from the Living Word written by the Living God.

Now, I am not knocking Christian authors.  I am a Christian author.  I love to read many kinds of books, and I am inspired by many different authors.  I hope one day you will read one of my books, and I hope you are inspired.  But here is the truth:  my books can’t change your life the way The Book can.  My books should not be used as your daily devotion.  That time should be reserved for The Book.  The Book is primary, my books—and all other Christian books—are secondary.

So, here’s the deal.  Let’s get back to The Book, God’s holy word.  Let’s read it all the way through this year—and maybe next year, and the next, and the next.

This is not to be a legalistic thing.  You will not be doomed nor judged if you miss a day, or a week, or even more.  But if you will make reading His Word a priority, you will tap into many beautiful truths which will transform your life.  Wanna join me?  I will share bits and pieces of what I am reading and I would love to hear what you are learning, too.  I will post my Bible Study notes every week or so and hope you will respond with your thoughts, as well.  So, grab your Bible and let’s get started.  I use the One Year Bible and have for years.  I like it because it gives a section of Old Testament, New Testament, Psalm and Proverbs each day.  There are many other wonderful yearly reading plans, but that is what I will be using.  So, grab your Bible and let’s get reading!


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