What I Will Miss About Diapers

tuesday tips logoWe have just tackled a momentous life challenge.  Potty Training.  Sally is now three and we have been a bit behind schedule on this event.  Why?  First of all, her mother is old and tired and lazy.  Secondly, we had bigger challenges before us, like making sure she bonded with us, making sure she dealt with her fears, and making sure she sees us as her family.  Check.  Check. Check. (Praise the Lord!)

But the time had come and we are more than conquerors.  I had sorta forgotten how to potty train girls.  Boys are easier—wait until summer and potty train them in the backyard.  Just make sure they know not to go in the front yard.  My poor neighbors.

But it had been 16 years since I potty trained a girl.  I had to think through my strategy.  Stay home for a week.  Make her drink LOTS of water.  Have chocolate ready to reward her.  Girls and chocolate.  Works every time.

Now that we have conquered, I have to ask myself, “What will I miss about diapers?”

  1. I will miss the ease of a diaper during a road trip.  Looking for a gas station, or a nice strip on the side of the road, or a large cup is our new way of life.
  2. I will miss the sweet time between mother and daughter when I had to change those diapers.
  3. I will miss the funny expressions Sally said when her diaper was being changed.  Like, “I must be French, that’s a lot of wee-wee!”  (We can thank her older brother for that one.)
  4. I will miss how she said, “A naked baby is a happy baby.”  (Another nod to the older brothers.)
  5. I will miss how when I pulled her back up she always sand, Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus.  (That one was from me.  I even googled the words so we would sing it right.)
  6. I will miss having a baby.  You can take away the bottle and the baby bed, but when you take away the diapers, you really have a big girl, not a baby.

Though we didn’t get Sally until she was 22 months, I am glad we had over a year to baby her. I am glad to savor those memories, and I am also glad to save all that money spent on diapers.

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